Olio Mio Premium Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is well known for its many health benefits and place in the Mediterranean diet. Olio Mio Premium Olive Oils, through our commitment to freshness and quality, brings to you the optimum levels of these benefits.

Olio Mio Estate olives are picked and pressed within 24 hours. This retains maximum freshness, ensuring the highest quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is produced. Our oils are unfiltered and allowed to settle naturally in stainless steel vats before bottling on demand to retain freshness.

The olive varieties have very distinctive characteristics when pressed: the corregiola olive produces a herbaceous, gentle oil, light in flavour and extremely versatile, while oil made from the frantoio olive is fruity and aromatic. For full bodied flavour, try the Olio Mio Estate blend, which delivers robust fruit flavours with a hint of bitterness and pungency. All the olive oil is unfiltered and bottled on demand for the freshest possible taste.