The facts: extra virgin olive oil vs ‘regular’ olive oil

Why choose extra virgin olive oil for your restaurant, café and kitchen? If you want the highest standards and gorgeous flavours, opting for olive oil bottles filled with fresh, premium local ingredients is the right decision.

Natural goodness in an olive oil bottle

Premium, extra virgin olive oil is natural, unrefined and hasn’t been extracted using chemicals or heat: leaving it high in antioxidants and healthy fats. No preservatives or blends – just 100% natural juice from the olives

Fresh is best – for olive oil flavour they’ll love

If you want exceptional quality olive oil and a richer flavour, choose Australian every time. Unlike wine, olive oil doesn’t get better with age: it’s perishable so you want it as fresh as possible. At Olio Mio Estate for example, our olives are harvested and pressed within 24 hours to lock in the freshness and ensure only premium extra virgin cold pressed olive oil reaches your dishes and table. With freshness like that, we deliver flavour sensations ranging from light and herbaceous to fruity and aromatic.

Buy premium Australian olive oil

Imported olive oil can sit around in a warehouse in Europe, travel in cargo, and then end up in another warehouse here. That’s a long haul – and a lot of potential to deteriorate in transit. Plus, Australia has become known for its pioneering production methods and has the highest quality standards in the world for olive oil production. Buy buying Australian olive oil you know you’re passing on the deeply rich flavours and genuine products to your customers.

What’s cold pressed extra virgin olive oil?

It means the olives are pressed to produce oil without heat or additional chemicals. The lower temperature means they retain more nutritional value and flavour.

What about cooking with extra virgin olive oil?

Yes, super premium olive oil tastes amazing as a finish, dip or dressing – but extra virgin olive oil is also a really healthy choice for cooking at high temperatures – whereas some oils can form carcinogenic compounds (from overheating) during cooking. Several good studies have confirmed the stability of high quality extra virgin olive oil during cooking. To see just how versatile it is, check out our recipe collection showcasing the pure goodness and flavour of Olio Mio Estate Premium Olive Oil.

You’ll find Olio Mio Estate Premium Olive Oil in some of the best and most loved restaurants, cafes and providores in the Hunter Valley, Sydney and beyond. Visit our trade page for more information, phone us on 0477 184 900 or email to discuss how we can deliver a taste of the Hunter Valley to your door.

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